my truth


my truth is relevant.

my truth is beautiful.

my truth may come with some pain.

but my truth spoken is healing.

my truth is acceptance.

my truth is authentic.

my truth is attacked by lies.

but my truth, still, chooses life.

my truth dances beneath blue skies and white clouds of hope; it soars.

my truth paints with vivid colors of emotion; it brightens my story.

my truth is quiet.

my truth roars…

image source: by Steven Duarte

Afta’ while, I Fell Head-Over-Heals with Myself


How does one see the beauty within when it is covered in filth? Covered in the dirt and grime of self-imposed doubts and lies inhaled at the mercy of low-self-esteem; suffocating the true beauty lying within. I’ll tell you how. One-day-at-a-time!

Grateful that I am not where I was, I still know that more work needs to be done. But, I.Am.Hopeful. I am confident in the growth taking place and excited for what my future holds. I am falling head-over-heals in love with ME – and oh what a feeling it is!

But I can see her. I see the insecure beauty hiding in women across the world. I see her potential being held down by hands of deceit and mendacity choking the life out of her existence. Years of accepting untruths have caused her to remain stuck. Wedged in-between a gap of “I’m not worthy” and “there has to be more”! She wants to fix what’s in the full length mirror, but…

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Ga’ Head, Let it Out!!!


I just need some time

One-on-One with my mind

To sort through all the bullsh*t and commotion I’m battling with on the inside

I’d cry, but I’m borderline numb to the story-line that is my current reality

Tongue tied and twisted, unable to make sense of it all

I just need some one-on-one time

With just me and my mind

I’m just so tired of being tired

Hate feeling like the weight of the world is weighing down on my heart

Simultaneously pressing the air from my lungs

Detest having this “two good days, four bad ones” thing I have goin’ on. Ya’ feel me?!

Now for the question of the day!

Why can’t I just love myself? I mean really LOVE ME!!! Let it go and move one? Why can’t I just be secure in the love God has for me? Why has all this drama caused me to crave validation like I do my Haagen-Dazs Butter Pecan ice cream? The thirst is real ya’ll!!!!!

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