My Summer of Self-Discovery


I am so grateful for growth and maturity. I am grateful for the light that flickers within my soul, reminding me that I have purpose.

Throughout my life, I’ve had this ongoing fear of judgment, ridicule and even success. Yes, there have been times where I’ve feared my own potential. I constantly question my abilities and compare them to others, which ultimately prevents me from fully taking advantage of the life that circulates through my veins. Have any of you ever felt this way? Felt fear of letting go and surrendering your heart to the possibilities that live in the unknown?

Over the past few months, I’ve existed in this ongoing stupor. Deep down, I felt stuck. Merely existing in this grand world and not truly living. I was idly present in this perpetual cycle of fear and doubt and wanting to be a more courageous person, but oblivious to the steps I needed to take in order to move towards purposeMY purpose!

Until recently, I’ve never really been able to grasp and process it all. My desires, my shame, my anger, my fears, my subconscious habits, they all just existed in this Continue reading

Love ME First


Her subconscious soul cries to be heard. Yearning to be made WHOLE!

She desperately wants to experience her worth, really! And so she constantly attempts to convince herself that she is indeed worthy…Confident!

A masquerade ball of emotions is the story of her life. Smiles and intentional words of affirmation dances, disguising occasional disappointments with self. Continue reading

my truth


my truth is relevant.

my truth is beautiful.

my truth may come with some pain.

but my truth spoken is healing.

my truth is acceptance.

my truth is authentic.

my truth is attacked by lies.

but my truth, still, chooses life.

my truth dances beneath blue skies and white clouds of hope; it soars.

my truth paints with vivid colors of emotion; it brightens my story.

my truth is quiet.

my truth roars…

image source: by Steven Duarte

#LeadingLadyProject – Week 4: Self-Esteem & Self-Worth


Hello Loves –

So we are more than half way through the #LeadingLadyProject and I hope it has been as eye-opening for you as it has been for me.

This week our focus will be on Self-Esteem & Self -Worth. For years, low self-esteem was something that I battled with. It hasn’t been until this recent stage of my life that I have been able to encourage myself to feel confident in who I am and work on ways to counteract any negative energy that may try to take me back to feelings of worthlessness. Continue reading

Introducing: The #LeadingLadyProject


Welcome to the Leading Lady Project!

What is a leading lady?

A Leading Lady is a woman who is able to fully accept & embody who she is from the inside out, not afraid to share her true self to the audience that is the world. She doesn’t allow the potential critics or judgments of others to distract her. She is confident being [insert your name here] and sharing that self with all who are open to her embrace. Self-assured, she dedicates her whole heart to using her God given gifts and talents to create life.

A leading lady takes charge of her female character; the role of a bold, exceptionally unique woman that she alone was predestined to play. She is the heroine of her life story.

A leading lady Continue reading

Afta’ while, I Fell Head-Over-Heals with Myself


How does one see the beauty within when it is covered in filth? Covered in the dirt and grime of self-imposed doubts and lies inhaled at the mercy of low-self-esteem; suffocating the true beauty lying within. I’ll tell you how. One-day-at-a-time!

Grateful that I am not where I was, I still know that more work needs to be done. But, I.Am.Hopeful. I am confident in the growth taking place and excited for what my future holds. I am falling head-over-heals in love with ME – and oh what a feeling it is!

But I can see her. I see the insecure beauty hiding in women across the world. I see her potential being held down by hands of deceit and mendacity choking the life out of her existence. Years of accepting untruths have caused her to remain stuck. Wedged in-between a gap of “I’m not worthy” and “there has to be more”! She wants to fix what’s in the full length mirror, but…

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You See My Flaws, I See My Fortune


I think the most important thing in life is self-love, because if you don’t have self-love, and respect for everything about your own body, your own soul, your own capsule, then how can you have an authentic relationship with anyone else? – Shailene Woodley 

I want to look in the mirror and feel great love and respect for the woman staring back into my brown eyes. All the days of my youth, I questioned my beauty. Value and self-worth were concepts foreign to my being.

Although I couldn’t see it at the time, I was always attempting to emulate the women I idolized. I wanted to exude their confidence, to depict their beauty. I wanted to capture the essence of what made these women beautiful in my Princess Jasmine, doe like eyes.

Whether it was courage, charisma, charm or confidence, I wanted to BE that Beauty other women so effortlessly displayed. Unable to fully embrace the unique and quirky characteristics that made me beautiful in my own way, I began my journey of blending in with the masquerade. I attempted to cover my face with the glitz and glam in an effort to mask who I really was.

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