Love ME First


Her subconscious soul cries to be heard. Yearning to be made WHOLE!

She desperately wants to experience her worth, really! And so she constantly attempts to convince herself that she is indeed worthy…Confident!

A masquerade ball of emotions is the story of her life. Smiles and intentional words of affirmation dances, disguising occasional disappointments with self. Continue reading

#30Layers30Days – Day 22 “If They Knew”


If they knew __________ , they would know why I __________.
(Interpret this however you like.)

They see me now. They see the ‘surface’ beauty and successes that adorn the path laid for me. They may see my smile or read congratulatory statuses that grace my page, but they don’t really see me.

They don’t see the tests and trials that were chosen for me. The bad choices I’ve had to endure, the key lessons I’ve learned, the lies seared onto the skin of my soul. They don’t see my childhood, nor the intimates of my adolescence. They don’t see all that has been monumental in shaping the I Am that stands strong before you this day.

If they knew how insecure I was back then, they would know why my new found confidence means so much to me today.

If you only knew…


image source: selfie

#LeadingLadyProject – Week 4: Self-Esteem & Self-Worth


Hello Loves –

So we are more than half way through the #LeadingLadyProject and I hope it has been as eye-opening for you as it has been for me.

This week our focus will be on Self-Esteem & Self -Worth. For years, low self-esteem was something that I battled with. It hasn’t been until this recent stage of my life that I have been able to encourage myself to feel confident in who I am and work on ways to counteract any negative energy that may try to take me back to feelings of worthlessness. Continue reading