Love ME First


Her subconscious soul cries to be heard. Yearning to be made WHOLE!

She desperately wants to experience her worth, really! And so she constantly attempts to convince herself that she is indeed worthy…Confident!

A masquerade ball of emotions is the story of her life. Smiles and intentional words of affirmation dances, disguising occasional disappointments with self. Continue reading

my truth


my truth is relevant.

my truth is beautiful.

my truth may come with some pain.

but my truth spoken is healing.

my truth is acceptance.

my truth is authentic.

my truth is attacked by lies.

but my truth, still, chooses life.

my truth dances beneath blue skies and white clouds of hope; it soars.

my truth paints with vivid colors of emotion; it brightens my story.

my truth is quiet.

my truth roars…

image source: by Steven Duarte

A Painted Masterpiece: With Every Stroke of Love, With Every Brush of Pain

women paintings artistic flowers paint faces painted body black background_wallpaperswa.com_62

Don’t allow fear to distract you from the truth

You are worthy


The clouds of contrary thoughts

racing through your mind,

blocks the rays of light trapped inside of you –

waiting to break free


Afraid to shower the world with all your sweet, candy coated goodness

you hide behind the obscurities of your comfort zone,

nuzzled and content in your blanket of mediocrity.


It’s OK to be vulnerable

To be bold with your craft

Allow your heart to embrace the unique intricacies

that mold the refined artistry

that is your beauty


Speak life. Inhale courage. Exude confidence.


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Novocain the Pain, or Nah?


Overwhelming emotions are simultaneously introduced

Pain, betrayal, fear, shame

You take your pick

But she doesn’t want to wine and dine


To taste the bitterness produced

By resentful anger and its fame

Renown for its antagonistic wrath

Consuming all who allow his entry


No! She’ll rather partake in Joy and Forgiveness

Have peace enter in the same

To create her own path

Where Love, Success & Happiness abound


Choosing to lean into the uneasiness

She will not numb her symptoms this time around


Often times, I know it can be difficult to confront our emotions. So much so that we choose to hide behind them instead, pretending that they don’t exist; hoping them into oblivion. Instead of allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and truly experience our feelings, we choose to numb them instead. Blinded by the ache mounting beneath your left rib cage, you inject your Novocaine of choice into the coronary arteries surrounding your pained heart.  Continue reading

I Am Courage


As I dive into the depths of my heart, an ocean of emotions, I am learning more and more about the woman I am; the woman I want to be.

Of all the virtues, courage is one that constantly beckons to her soul. She is enticed by ones ability to confront fear; to persevere in the face of ostensible uncertainty. Recognizing the strength it entails to say no to ones fears, and choosing to act anyway. How admirable!

I want to be her. The one who is no longer intimidated by uncertainty. Neither daunted by her  insecurities, nor plagued by the unknown. I am she, the one with great potential buried deep beneath her brown sugar skin.

I Am Courage!

Admittingly afraid, I choose to triumph over my fears and to act. To follow my heart and listen to the one who calls herself, Intuition. To persevere in the face of adversity. I am she, I am courage!