Love ME First


Her subconscious soul cries to be heard. Yearning to be made WHOLE!

She desperately wants to experience her worth, really! And so she constantly attempts to convince herself that she is indeed worthy…Confident!

A masquerade ball of emotions is the story of her life. Smiles and intentional words of affirmation dances, disguising occasional disappointments with self. Continue reading

#30Layers30Days – Day 22 “If They Knew”


If they knew __________ , they would know why I __________.
(Interpret this however you like.)

They see me now. They see the ‘surface’ beauty and successes that adorn the path laid for me. They may see my smile or read congratulatory statuses that grace my page, but they don’t really see me.

They don’t see the tests and trials that were chosen for me. The bad choices I’ve had to endure, the key lessons I’ve learned, the lies seared onto the skin of my soul. They don’t see my childhood, nor the intimates of my adolescence. They don’t see all that has been monumental in shaping the I Am that stands strong before you this day.

If they knew how insecure I was back then, they would know why my new found confidence means so much to me today.

If you only knew…


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#30Layers30Days – Day 20: “Impress Me”


When you write, talk or present yourself in any way — are you more focused on being authentic at all costs or are you more focused on impressing people and being accepted?  How much do you rely on feedback and compliments to feel good about yourself?

When it comes to my writing, I have grown so much. Each day I shed more layers, I dig a little deeper, growing more willing to use my craft as a tool to share my story. I am closer to trusting in the joy and contentment I feel when I read my words. The old me was concerned about your voice. Whether or not you would approve of the content I was willing to share concerning my journey. Continue reading

#30Layers30Days – Day 17: “Apologies”


What do you need to stop apologizing for?
Your personality?
Your perspective?
Your needs?
Your boundaries?
Your dreams?
The person you love?

I need to stop apologizing for the desire to change – to be the flawed woman who hides behind the woman you’ve grown comfortable with. For my changing perspective and my new definition of what happiness entails – for me!

For my desire to take risks that may lead to unfathomable joy on my end, but can potentially send you spiraling down stairs of sadness or regret.

For my new found confidence! For my wish to paint my smile boldly and add some shimmer to my bright, doe-like brown eyes.

I must eliminate this gut-like feeling to simmer down … It will not get in the way of my coming out extravaganza.

My transformation is imminent. So I guess it’s my responsibility to embrace my desires and brush any un-welcomed energy from my spirit…

My apologies if you can’t get down with the “New New”!


#30Layers30Days Self-Discovery Challenge 

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#LeadingLadyProject – Week 4: Self-Esteem & Self-Worth


Hello Loves –

So we are more than half way through the #LeadingLadyProject and I hope it has been as eye-opening for you as it has been for me.

This week our focus will be on Self-Esteem & Self -Worth. For years, low self-esteem was something that I battled with. It hasn’t been until this recent stage of my life that I have been able to encourage myself to feel confident in who I am and work on ways to counteract any negative energy that may try to take me back to feelings of worthlessness. Continue reading

I’ve Been Soul-Searching Throughout my Twenties


Here is my latest on From A Wildflower

Throughout my twenties, I have truly undergone a striking amount of soul-searching. I have a little over two years left in my twenties, and I can only hope that as I cross over into another stage of adulthood, that I become a wiser, well-adjusted woman.

I have been in search of “who I am” since my pre-teen years, but especially throughout my twenties. I’ve often felt like I was a step behind the crowd: not fashion forward enough, not smart enough, not career-established enough, not spiritual enough. Time and time again I’ve been prone to setting an imaginary bar used to measure myself to those around me.

This year, I’ve come to the conclusion that all these years, I’ve been putting unnecessary pressure on myself. We as people are unique in so many ways, from the ways we’re raised, to our personalities, to how we maneuver through the inevitable tests and trials on our journeys towards living the God-intended life. Continue reading

Soulful Beauty of the Week – My Feature on All the Many Layers

“The most challenging part of being a woman is being an emotional roller coaster at times. But in the same breath, I would say that I accept that I’m an emotional being & wouldn’t change that about myself. My life is my story written by the ink of my soul, and I read it all. The good and the bad, the beautiful moments and the ugly truths! Often people run from the pain, but I inhale it. It gives me power against my enemies, it feeds my strength. I am in tune with the highs and lows of my journey, which has contributed to the makings of who I am as a woman and as a human being.” 

Continue reading