I Want to be My Own, Set-Apart Kind of Beautiful


Self, Where does my beauty lie?

Does it lie in my brown colored eyes or my occasionally dry, tapered kinks? Does it lie beneath the hills of my breasts, or the curves of my backside? Maybe it’s in the broad shape of my nose, or the tiger stripes that grace only those privileged portions of my skin. Is it in my extra dose of melanin? Or maybe the not so perfect shade of white in my smile.

There are many of us who may rely on physical attributes to identify with our beauty, but as I approach my 30’s I now have a personal understanding of this one great truth: If I don’t know who I am; If I can’t love and appreciate the woman that I am on the inside, during all of my stages of learning and growing and mistake making, then I will never find the girl in the mirror to be, beautiful!   Continue reading

Joyous Smile


For me, joy now comes with my ability to live & truly experience each day… each moment… intentionally & with gratefulness in my heart.

It comes with my new appreciation for LIFE & with my desire to taste & see all of the pieces in my world working together for my good; for my growth!

My joy now comes with forgiveness and acceptance.

My joy now comes with freedom and free from bondage.

My joy now comes when I see just how far I’ve come & when I realize/ understand/ comprehend/ experience that authentic & genuine knowing in my spirit that my story isn’t over yet. That my purpose is still alive!

My joy comes when I recognize my courage & the stand that I’m taking for myself…

Self, I am proud of you and the steps that you are taking to be the woman that you dream up on the inside. Continue to dream. Continue to see yourself embodying the vision that God has graced you with. You are fully capable of accomplishing all that you envision for yourself and beyond.

Be the change! Walk into your destiny!

And that goes for all of you reading this as well. You are fully capable of fulfilling the calling on your life. Just have the courage to be used. Have the courage to allow your story to change lives.

Discover your assigned purpose. Embrace your story. Walk into your light.

Until Next Time Loves


P is for Power


We as women are such beautiful creatures. We have this inherent and incredible strength that can move mountains. Our backs bare the weight of heavy burdens with grace and our hearts endure distress and disappointment with dignity and still, love.

But, there may be times when it becomes difficult to see the beauty in our pains. We may feel overwhelmed by life and lose sight of the power that stands within our spirit. Women of valor, there is power inherent in us right now, at this very moment. We just need to have the courage to operate in it.

Throughout my life, there have been moments where I gave up my power. I was insecure, introverted, emotional and unsure of myself. The thoughts that I would allow to roam free in my mind made me a victim to self. I was afraid that if Continue reading

My Summer of Self-Discovery


I am so grateful for growth and maturity. I am grateful for the light that flickers within my soul, reminding me that I have purpose.

Throughout my life, I’ve had this ongoing fear of judgment, ridicule and even success. Yes, there have been times where I’ve feared my own potential. I constantly question my abilities and compare them to others, which ultimately prevents me from fully taking advantage of the life that circulates through my veins. Have any of you ever felt this way? Felt fear of letting go and surrendering your heart to the possibilities that live in the unknown?

Over the past few months, I’ve existed in this ongoing stupor. Deep down, I felt stuck. Merely existing in this grand world and not truly living. I was idly present in this perpetual cycle of fear and doubt and wanting to be a more courageous person, but oblivious to the steps I needed to take in order to move towards purposeMY purpose!

Until recently, I’ve never really been able to grasp and process it all. My desires, my shame, my anger, my fears, my subconscious habits, they all just existed in this Continue reading

Love ME First


Her subconscious soul cries to be heard. Yearning to be made WHOLE!

She desperately wants to experience her worth, really! And so she constantly attempts to convince herself that she is indeed worthy…Confident!

A masquerade ball of emotions is the story of her life. Smiles and intentional words of affirmation dances, disguising occasional disappointments with self. Continue reading

my truth


my truth is relevant.

my truth is beautiful.

my truth may come with some pain.

but my truth spoken is healing.

my truth is acceptance.

my truth is authentic.

my truth is attacked by lies.

but my truth, still, chooses life.

my truth dances beneath blue skies and white clouds of hope; it soars.

my truth paints with vivid colors of emotion; it brightens my story.

my truth is quiet.

my truth roars…

image source: by Steven Duarte

“Afta’ While, I fell Head-Over-Heals With Myself” – #TBT: Re-Post


I needed a reminder to remain confident in my love … 

How does one see the beauty within when it is covered in filth? Covered in the dirt and grime of self-imposed doubts and lies inhaled at the mercy of low-self-esteem; suffocating the true beauty lying within. I’ll tell you how. One-day-at-a-time!

Grateful that I am not where I was, I still know that more work needs to be done. But, I.Am.Hopeful. I am confident in the growth taking place and excited for what my future holds. I am falling head-over-heals in love with ME – and oh what a feeling it is!

But I can see her. I see the insecure beauty hiding in women across the world. I see her potential being held down by hands of deceit and mendacity choking the life out of her existence. Years of accepting untruths have caused her to remain stuck. Wedged in-between a gap of “I’m not worthy” and “there has to be more”! She wants to fix what’s in the full length mirror, but…

Continue reading