About Me


Hello All – Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by!

Queen in the Shadows is a personal blog I created in April, 2014 as an outlet and platform – Poems and Prose of an Introverts’ Journey to Purpose.  I have an absolute passion for writing and this blog encourages my creative expression. Through me words, I can be vulnerable and transparent without shame; I can freely grow and heal as a woman, with the hopes of encouraging others in the process.

Its just something about getting my thoughts and feelings into perfectly crafted words and rhymes that gives me LIFE!!!

I’m somewhat reserved and tend to keep to myself, but if I get real comfortable around you, WATCH OUT NOW!!! I can be very silly & expressive around those closest to me; not afraid to break out in uncoordinated dance for no reason 😀

I enjoy food, fashion & photography (but I’m not a chef, a fashionista nor am I a hailed photographer) – I just enjoy absorbing the creative energy of these here arts…LOL! 🙂

My ultimate hope for this blog is to inspire other Queens to come into their royal status; out of the shadows of their fears and into the light of their destiny!

I hope that you enjoy the ride as I take you along on my personal journey to coming into the Queen that I was created to be.

This is me: 100% Authentic! 100% Free! 100% Authentically ME!

With Sincerest Love,

Shamika Sonia

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. “I am somewhat reserved and tend to keep to myself, but if I get comfortable around you, WATCH OUT NOW!!!” I love this. I’m like that too! You’ve got a great angle here. If you’d like some inspiration on introversion, I find some amazing pieces about it on space2live.net. P.S. I love your Queen In The Shadows logos too. You’ve got really good taste.

    • Thank you my fellow introvert!!! I just checked out space2live.net and I’m loving it so far. I appreciate the resource. And I’m so glad you like the logos! I’m so grateful for Rekita Nicole Designs – She did a great job bringing my vision to life 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by.

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog and I’m hooked! I’m a fellow introverted queen on the journey of discovering who I am, while healing in the process. Your blog has already given me so much inspiration and comfort in knowing I’m not alone. Thank you!!

    Peace & Love
    Ashley B.

    • Ashley – I’m so glad my words have been able to offer you comfort and inspiration!!!! I wish you nothing but the best as you journey towards self-discovery, self-love and acceptance. It’s been a while since I’ve published on my site **covers face **, but you can also follow my writing on Simone Digital.
      XO – Shamika Sonia

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