Joyous Smile


For me, joy now comes with my ability to live & truly experience each day… each moment… intentionally & with gratefulness in my heart.

It comes with my new appreciation for LIFE & with my desire to taste & see all of the pieces in my world working together for my good; for my growth!

My joy now comes with forgiveness and acceptance.

My joy now comes with freedom and free from bondage.

My joy now comes when I see just how far I’ve come & when I realize/ understand/ comprehend/ experience that authentic & genuine knowing in my spirit that my story isn’t over yet. That my purpose is still alive!

My joy comes when I recognize my courage & the stand that I’m taking for myself…

Self, I am proud of you and the steps that you are taking to be the woman that you dream up on the inside. Continue to dream. Continue to see yourself embodying the vision that God has graced you with. You are fully capable of accomplishing all that you envision for yourself and beyond.

Be the change! Walk into your destiny!

And that goes for all of you reading this as well. You are fully capable of fulfilling the calling on your life. Just have the courage to be used. Have the courage to allow your story to change lives.

Discover your assigned purpose. Embrace your story. Walk into your light.

Until Next Time Loves


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