P is for Power


We as women are such beautiful creatures. We have this inherent and incredible strength that can move mountains. Our backs bare the weight of heavy burdens with grace and our hearts endure distress and disappointment with dignity and still, love.

But, there may be times when it becomes difficult to see the beauty in our pains. We may feel overwhelmed by life and lose sight of the power that stands within our spirit. Women of valor, there is power inherent in us right now, at this very moment. We just need to have the courage to operate in it.

Throughout my life, there have been moments where I gave up my power. I was insecure, introverted, emotional and unsure of myself. The thoughts that I would allow to roam free in my mind made me a victim to self. I was afraid that if I wasn’t like the other women who appeared to “have it all together”, that I wasn’t worthy or that the world wouldn’t like or accept me.

But the truth of the matter is, I didn’t like or accept myself. I didn’t see the beauty in just being Shamika Sonia and loving all of her; the good and the “not so good”. Whether it was my introverted nature or emotional tendencies, insecurities or my reliance on attention or affirmation from others, I didn’t like who I was. Shame and self-judgment painted an ugly picture that I was powerless and unworthy.

I wanted to be like the other women who were so confident, successful, and secure in who they were.

But instead of becoming comfortable in my own skin and allowing security with self to radiate from my spirit, I tried to imitate the world’s standard of beauty and success. The moment that I allowed this way of living to reign, I relinquished my power.

I relinquished my power when I chose to allow potential thoughts or judgments to control the way I lived my life.

Once I hit my “emotional rock bottom” there were three things that I knew for certain. I didn’t want religion. I didn’t want to wear the mask anymore. And I didn’t want to settle; subconsciously expecting praise or affirmation from others in order to feel complete.

I wanted a genuine spiritual awakening, for myself. I wanted to not only say that I forgave myself or others, but I wanted to actually feel it in my heart. I wanted to know the beauty of genuine self-love. I wanted to know the pleasure that hid on the other side of depression and pain.

And now, I can say with assurance that I am well on my way!

The moment I made an intentional choice to ACCEPT that my path was meant to be different, everything changed. I began to truly understand the truth behind God using my experiences both for my good and potentially for the good of others.

When I realized that I didn’t want to be like everyone else and instead I wanted to explore who I was and share it with the world, a peace begin to blanket my spirit. I took my power back!

Until this current season of my life, I never learned how to process my emotions completely. I never really took the time to determine the cause or root of some of the subconscious habits that were distracting me from my magic. But what I do know now is that dwelling in the discomfort and then burying it is no longer an option.

Now as a woman who is learning to embrace my nature, my choices and my individuality, what I really want now is to inspire myself and others. I just want to live my life, my way and from a place of acceptance and authenticity. I want to exist in the manifestations of God’s grace, with a knowing in my spirit that I am worthy of a life filled with love, peace and joy.

My power now lies in my ability to experience my emotions and learn from them. It lies in my ongoing efforts to not be overcome by life; to just let go and let God. It lies in my willingness to experience life without the overwhelming desire or need for “perfection”. I am not flaw-less and bad days may come, but I will not be consumed by the idea that I am “less than” because of it. If I give into the potential critics or negating voices of others (or even of myself), I give my power away.

Beauties, know that there is power in your letting go. There is power in your truth. There is power in your faith. There is power in your courage. There is power in your self-acceptance. There is power in your authenticity. There is power in your forgiveness. There is power in your love. There is power in God’s spirit and His spirit resides in you.

Once you grab hold of your power, and make an intentional effort to be YOUR best self, true peace and joy is possible in all avenues of your life.

Now who’s ready to take their power back?

Until next time my loves,

Shamika Sonia

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7 thoughts on “P is for Power

  1. Amen to not only recognizing our boundless power but also using it to fuel our journey of self love and acceptance. Thank you for this. #LayersAtoZTour #giveaway

  2. Shamika, thank you for talking about intentionality. I think acknowledgment & acceptance go a long way with living out our best lives and in the abundance offered through Christ. I’m glad that you are well on your way to living in your power and that you are encouraging others to do the same! Blessings! *I am entering the Layers of Beauty Tour giveaway, as well.

    • Thank u so much!!! Your words mean so much to me . I think that one of my greatest lessons during this season of my life has been that healing & self-discovery is a very intentional process. Best of luck with the giveaway 😀

  3. My feet wanted to start moving as I read your post. Like I was getting powered up by the level of clarity and peace in your words. Just yesssss!!!!! Thank you for being willing to explore and express all of your You-ness in a way that speaks to the Queen in all of us. You’re doing great work, Sis!

  4. This is so beautiful. I am learning some of these lessons as well and coming to realize that though things may be messy, that’s okay. Thanks for sharing! I am entering the Layers of Beauty Tour giveaway.

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