“Afta’ While, I fell Head-Over-Heals With Myself” – #TBT: Re-Post


I needed a reminder to remain confident in my love … 

How does one see the beauty within when it is covered in filth? Covered in the dirt and grime of self-imposed doubts and lies inhaled at the mercy of low-self-esteem; suffocating the true beauty lying within. I’ll tell you how. One-day-at-a-time!

Grateful that I am not where I was, I still know that more work needs to be done. But, I.Am.Hopeful. I am confident in the growth taking place and excited for what my future holds. I am falling head-over-heals in love with ME – and oh what a feeling it is!

But I can see her. I see the insecure beauty hiding in women across the world. I see her potential being held down by hands of deceit and mendacity choking the life out of her existence. Years of accepting untruths have caused her to remain stuck. Wedged in-between a gap of “I’m not worthy” and “there has to be more”! She wants to fix what’s in the full length mirror, but…

Her reflection is like shattered glass

Jagged edges and blurred lines

Her eyes witness a distorted image

Blinded by insecurities untold

Hiding behind composed class

Her inner self is bruised by self-imposed grief

But daily she utters, “I’m just fine”

Lasting lies meant to cover the imperfections

Fabricated internal beliefs

Influenced by damaged societal views

Unsolicited opinions & sentiments

Smashing blows to her confidence

But in the midst of the lies, Hope lays therein

Her sight now shifted

Lover of self mends pieces of once old news

New life screaming of her release

The gray clouds now lifted

As red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple prisms

Provide perfect comfort – Peace

Embracing striking flaws that exist within

She smiles at her reflection

My strikingly alluring beauty – Smile! Smile at the imperfections now made whole; complete in your own love. Smile at the opinions and common misconceptions of the world, smile. Past the pain and destructive words you once whispered into your soul, smile.

Because you have the strength & power to overcome with grace, smile.  At the everlasting truth that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, smile. At the hope that always exists for you to grab hold of, smile. At the potential within you to explode into the atmosphere, shattering self-imposed doubts and worldly “you’ll never make its”, smile!

Beautiful woman, you are gorgeous! Even in all your blemishes and tarnished glory. It’s time to fall in love with you, as you are. You were not created to be blend in, but to stand out & shine.

Smile, my dazzling beauty! Smile!

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