#30Layers30Days – Day 27: “Splinter”


What is the annoying splinter in your life that you need to remove?
How would your life be different if you removed that distraction?

The Insecure Energy of others is a prickly little sucker!!!

Having grown so much as a woman and as an individual, it’s almost as if my entire spirit is just urked by the insecure energy not only of myself, but especially from others. I grew up insecure, and so I know first hand how it can control your life and keep your from experiencing all the joy and success that is intended for us all!

And so when others try to impress their insecurities onto me, it’s like i’m being dragged in the mud…Stuck!! The tendencies of my past attempts to reintroduce itself into my present – this inclination to silence my thoughts and feelings, to ignore my wants and desires…

My chest literally becomes pained, sickened by a nagging need to prove their insecurities wrong.

My need to please suffocates my potential and my desire to be free and live authentically as me!!!

I just want to finally breathe…to be myself…

To live the life I know I deserve to experience, and experience as the beautifully awkward, friendly, introverted, smart-phone in hand woman that God created me to be.

Tweezers please!!!


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