#30Layers30Days – Day 26: Quality vs. Quantity

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Do you prefer to take life slowly, leaving space and unplanned time to breathe and process everything?  Do you prefer small, intimate gatherings?
Do you prefer to keep yourself busy with every moment scheduled, always on the go, energized by the hustle and flow?  Do you prefer to be surrounded by lots of people?

As an introvert – I would definitely have to say that I prefer to take my time with things and with people. “I’ll take small and intimate gatherings for #The Max please Alex” 😀 

I am one who needs my time alone. I need to process my thoughts and desires before taking action. I need to experience each and every breath of anxiety as it crawls down my chest cavity and creeps back out into the atmosphere that surrounds me…changed!!

It’s true, I feel everything so deeply. Love, anger, joy, sorrow – No matter the emotion, I can taste it. I savor the sweet delight happiness brings to my soul and I endure the sour bitterness that sadness sears onto my heart.

Although some may prefer to discard the distaste pain can bring, my eyes seem to focus in on the resultant strength that it brings. Yes, at times there is so much discomfort. There are trips and falls, bumps and bruises …so many scabs along the way. But the Quality of growth is unmatched! The transformation I experience is so worth it. I look back and marvel over my ability to overcome…and learn…and grow…and change…and mature…and do so many things because surrendered to my timeline!

I may have to marinate on things a little longer, make a few mistakes, take a walk around the world, get knocked down, get up, change my mind until I know in my heart that it’s right, and then simmer a little longer just to make sure – & that’s every bit of okay!

Listen, I am not ashamed of all that makes me woman!

Until next year my Loves 😉

– S.

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