#30Layers30Days – Day 23: “Three Blind Lies”


Name three things you have felt the need to hide or lie about in the past that you’ve had to overcome in order to move forward

I look back and accept the fact that I did my best to hide the insecure girl of my youth. I was ashamed of her. Ashamed of some of the choices she made in order to feel good about herself. When in reality, all she wanted was to feel and be loved to her core.

There were times where I lied to myself…

I lied to the world!

I lied about who I really was – the woman I wanted to be, but was afraid others would not accept. The introverted queen within…the one who lived behind the “good girl” image she tried to portray to the world.

Deep down, back then all I wanted was to fit in. But that’s no longer the case. I no longer want to fit in. No… I want to stand out! So what if they judge me! My life is my own and I intend to live it to the fullest extent of Gods Law!

I intend to be my own woman. One who isn’t intimidated by success nor afraid to let her light shine. I want to be the woman who embraces even the deep and painful realities of her truth. One who isn’t afraid to make mistakes.

I want to be the queen who lives her life intentionally, with bright eyes. No longer hiding behind the blind lies of her past.

No more hiding! No more lying!

I see new LIFE  on the horizon, and I am so excited to partake in the freedom that is listening to my heart and saying no to the resistant fears that existed within my persistent need to please.

I Am my own woman now and it is so liberting to allow my soul to exist in that truth.

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