#30Layers30Days – Day 21: “Rewards”


What do you do when you are in need of attention or acknowledgement from someone outside of yourself?  Yes, we all know that we need to look within, but we’re human and sometimes we want attention.  Sometimes we get a little needy.  So what do you do?

If you didn’t already know, then I’m here to tell you. Falling in love with yourself does something to you. It’s like a light bulb goes off within the gutt of your soul, reminding you that you are worthy of experiencing all the finer things in life. You are assured of your value. Increasingly content with you story. Proud of your struggle.

I admit, I am prone to ignoring my innate desire for more; more time, more attention, more affirmation, more affection, more energy, more love…

Since falling in love with myself, change has definitely been in the works! I have been reminded that it is okay to want more. But in that wanting – I must be willing to ask for more.

In the past, if I got needy, I would expect others to read in-between the lines of my vibe. I wanted you to know what I was feeling without me having to tell you. In my mind, if someone loved me then they should know what I wanted. I felt that others should know what the crevices of my soul longed for at all times — But that way of thinking was waaaay off! 

Now, my eyes have been opened. Now, I am working on expressing my voice. Not being afraid to vocalize the desires of my heart. Now – I have to be willing to say what I need.

The circumstances of my past has shaped me to be needy at times. But I am learning to accept that this part of me exists instead of hiding behind the shadows of my desires, in shame. As I grow as a woman, becoming sturdy in my faith, my bouts of neediness may subside, but until then – accept and love the woman that stands before you now & I’ll do my part.

If I want to experience all opportunities for reward, then I must be a ‘go getta’

Go get yo’ reward hunty’s 😉

Until Next Time



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