#30Layers30Days – Day 19: “Skinless”


 What are you extra sensitive to?  It could be a certain taboo subject, situations or environments that make you uncomfortable, or perhaps certain types of people or energy.   How do you handle it? 

“In Touch With Me”

Why do I feel so deeply?

Sometimes I feel like I am drowning under constant waves of emotion.

Punishing myself with pain

Holding on to a grudge

Tightly gripping the resentment

Wrapping myself in anger

Growing comfortable with heartache

All too familiar with the sting my soul feels when bitten,

Poisoned by venomous lies

On the flip side. When I feel joy, there are fireworks

When I am at peace…

It is as if Gods angels are gently and purposefully embracing my spirit & soul.

I am woman and I am an emotional being.

I feel deeply. I hurt deeply. I love deeply.

I want to experience every facet of my existence.

Because to experience it is to have truly lived.

My life is my story written by the ink of my soul, and I read it all.

The good and the bad

The beautiful moments and the ugly truths

Often people run from the pain, but I inhale it.

It gives me power against my enemies

It feeds my strength.

One day, I will be a better me because of it,

In touch with all of my scars.

A personal reminder of my growth

My maturity



image source: unknown

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