#30Layers30Days – Day 18: “Intimidation”


What kind of people make you feel intimidated, small, inferior?  Why?

I would have to say that those closest to me sometimes intimidate me the most. I know, I know…those closest to me should be the ones’ that I trust the most, so how do they intimidate me? The intimidation I feel is often self-inflicted, the work of my mind playing tricks on my heart.

Because I love these people, I care about what they think. I expect and desire their support the strongest, whether they are happy with what they see or not. On the other hand, strangers don’t really intimidate me because I honestly don’t care for their opinion. But as for those I love, those I care for – the voice that they impart into my spirit matters.

Family should be proud to call me wife or friend, daughter or sister, cousin or niece! And so I will continue to work on transforming the perspective of my mind so that I am not intimidated, but instead I am encouraged to let my light shine.


#30Layers30Days Self-Discovery Challenge 

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