#30Layers30Days – Day 17: “Apologies”


What do you need to stop apologizing for?
Your personality?
Your perspective?
Your needs?
Your boundaries?
Your dreams?
The person you love?

I need to stop apologizing for the desire to change – to be the flawed woman who hides behind the woman you’ve grown comfortable with. For my changing perspective and my new definition of what happiness entails – for me!

For my desire to take risks that may lead to unfathomable joy on my end, but can potentially send you spiraling down stairs of sadness or regret.

For my new found confidence! For my wish to paint my smile boldly and add some shimmer to my bright, doe-like brown eyes.

I must eliminate this gut-like feeling to simmer down … It will not get in the way of my coming out extravaganza.

My transformation is imminent. So I guess it’s my responsibility to embrace my desires and brush any un-welcomed energy from my spirit…

My apologies if you can’t get down with the “New New”!


#30Layers30Days Self-Discovery Challenge 

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