#30Layers30Days – Day 15: “Secret Indulgence”

When you want to make yourself feel better, what can you do for yourself or give yourself that no one else can give you?

Lately, I’m coming to realize that just making an effort to make myself presentable and not being afraid to be bold with my make-up has definitely been my secret indulgence. It may not seem like much to some, but for me it’s a big deal. There was once a time when I questioned my beauty. It was like pain, depression and lack of confidence was all I saw when I looked in the mirror. But now I see hope. I see worthiness. I see strength. And this is a beauty that no one can offer me but myself.

I recently decided to treat myself to a press and some hair color since chopping it all off, and it just gave me a boost of confidence. I was able to do something for me without looking for the opinion or affirmation from others. I could look in the mirror, compliment myself and it was good enough. Here’s a little sneak peak 😉


It’s amazing how something so small can make such a great impact on one’s spirit.

What is your secret indulgence? 


#30Layers30Days Self-Discovery Challenge 

2 thoughts on “#30Layers30Days – Day 15: “Secret Indulgence”

  1. You look absolutely beautiful! I love that you decided to do something for you that made you feel better. There isn’t anything wrong with indulging in things that make us genuinely happy!

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