#30Layers30Days – Day 9: “Enough is Enough”


Where do you go or what do you do to escape from the world and recharge?  What creative activities remind you of who you are and what is important to you?

When I need to escape and recharge – I WRITE!!! Writing helps me clear my head, it aids in dissolving the fog; it comforts the aching beneath the firm exterior of my soul. Whatever I’m feeling, I transform those emotions into words and rhymes.

When I write, everything else slows down. Writing allows me to calm my nerves and really identify my thoughts and my feelings. It is a reminder that I do matter and have a gift to offer the world. It helps me to view my struggles in a positive light.

It’s great being able to look back at my writing and see the areas where I may have grown or occasionally lingered in a perpetual state of stuckness. Writing is my way of creating active light; crafting genuine life on a plane of seeming irreversible darkness.


#30Layers30Days Self-Discovery Challenge 

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