#30Layers30Days – Day 5: “Listen to me”


If you normally struggle to speak your mind, what kind of things motivate you to speak up?  What makes your inhibitions go out the window and your truth come pouring out?
If you don’t normally struggle with speaking your mind, what kind of things cause you to clam up and hold your feelings in?

Although I’ve often struggled to speak my mind in the past, in recent months, I’ve somehow found the courage to let my thoughts and feelings roam into the atmosphere. In those moments of bold courage, its been my ability to look past the possibility of my words being rejected and focus on the growth that could take place. I now long for the overwhelming feeling of content I sense in my bones when I’m able to stand up for myself and what I deserve.

The desire to not return to the silent and invisible girl motivates me. The need to no longer appear as the fool who endured misguided accusations and lack of trust motivates me. The smile in my daughters’ eyes and the example I want to portray for the woman inside of her motivates me.

It’s hard unlearning the habit to constantly desire love or the need to feel desired and accepted above all else. But now my voice comes first. I am slowly learning to rely on the love God has for me and the love I have for myself rather than giving you the power to silence me.

The love you feel for me is just the cream cheese icing on my red velvet cake.

When fear of losing ones love or acceptance attempts to restrict my voice, I think of the strength that I want to embody as a woman of substance  and faith. In that moment, all of my inhibitions fly away & my heart comes pouring out.

Let’s pray that I continue on this path of unrestricted self-expression.


Until Next Time Loves



#30Layers30Days Self-Discovery Challenge 


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