Day 2 of #30Layers30Days – “I Want to be…”


I want to be a voice for women who have struggled to allow their light to shine through masks of low self-esteem and fears of truly being seen. A voice for women who are stuck and crave freedom, but simultaneously indulge themselves in the monotony that is their comfort zone. I want to be a voice that gently reminds you that we all deserve to live our best lives, while expressing our realist selves to the world that surrounds us.

I want to be a creator of life. I want to breathe life into your lungs through the  words that I speak or the letters that my blue ink scribbles onto college ruled paper. I want life to ooze from my pores as I comfort the broken hearted or forgive those who may have crushed my own.

I want to be invested in living authentically 100% of the time. Because only then will I be able to be the best example for my daughter…or the occasional doubter that may cross my path, or my minds eye.

I want to be a representation of courage. I want others to see me or read my words and be encouraged. To know in their hearts that they’re not alone. I want others to see me and be inspired by her audacity to overcome in the face of seeming defeat…to look pain and disappointment  square in the face and choose life…to see heartache as an opportunity for growth rather than be controlled by the circumstances of her fate.

I want to be a stronger, healthier version of self with each passing day, as joy lingers on the horizon of her soul.

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