Day 1 of #30Layers30Days – “I Am…”


I am moving away from my past. Away from my past mistakes and the mistakes that others have committed against me. I am moving away from the negative energy that has attempted to keep me trapped in my feelings and the resentment that once encircled my fragile heart.

I am moving against my fears. I am placing pressure on my doubts so that they no longer keep me from realizing great success. No longer will I silence my voice  or become intimidated by my assumptions.

I am moving with determination in each step and intentionally taking each step with joy in my smile. Determined to be all of the woman I know my God created me to be. Determined to be myself, without the overwhelming need to please you.

I am moving toward love. Toward true love. Agape love. Love for self. Love for others…

I am moving away from my past. I am moving against my fears. I am moving with determination. I am moving toward love.

I am learning. I am growing. I am stronger than ever.

I am free to be me and loving it honey

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