#30Layers30Days -Day 3: Favorite Mistake


I would say my favorite mistake was questioning my worth. For so long, I would allow the views and perceptions others held of me to define me.

After some much needed soul searching, I’ve come to accept the reality of it all. The views I thought others held of me were just distorted images I held of myself. Low self-esteem and a questionable sense of worth caused me to project my fears onto others. I did not recognize the value in figuring out who I was. I always tried to be who or what I thought others wanted me to be.

Since falling in love with me, I now know in my heart that I AM VALUABLE! My life is a blessing and allowing the I Am within me to express herself authentically only adds to my value as a unique individual.

I am grateful for the days where I was blind to my value because now, I cherish the pearls & rubies that make up the essence of my soul. There is no one else like me & now, that makes my heart smile 🙂

Until next time Loves



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