#LeadingLadyProject-Week 5: Courage, Confidence & Comfort Zone


So, we are on the last week of the #LeadingLadyProject. I pray that all of you who may have participated had a positive experience and you are one step closer to embodying the role of Leading Lady in your lives.

This week’s focus is on The Three C’s: Courage, Confidence and Comfort Zone. These are three areas that I believe a leading lady must learn to make her own in order to conquer anything that may come her way with grace and humility.

Personally, I have prayed for the Courage to stand up for myself and go after my dreams with gusto. I’ve worked towards developing the Confidence to be my own woman without feeling the need to apologize for being 100% authentically me. And finally, I am determined to use my new found courage and confidence to escape the limits of my comfort zone and enter into the unlimited possibilities available to me.

So my challenge for you this week is to allow this day to be the first day on your journey towards claiming the Courage and Confidence you need to be a bold new you.

What is one thing that you can do this week that will challenge the limits of your comfort zone and bring you one step closer to achieving your goals/dreams?

Know that you deserve to be all that you dream up on the inside. Just believe in yourself and have the courage to take risks and step out your comfort zone. With God, you are able!

Until Next Time Leading Ladies


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