#30Layers30Days Challenge: Day 1


Hello All – So I’ve decided to participate in a Self-Discovery challenge offered by the one and only G.G. Renee of All the Many Layers. If you would like to participate, you can click here.

The challenge provides daily prompts to help inspire and encourage you to dig deeper and overcome any self-imposed doubts or restrictions. Since it’s my birthday month (and b/c I just LOVE me some G.G.) – I’ve decided to participate and share all my many layers with my Queen in the Shadows family.

I started yesterday, but am just now transcribing my journal notes to this here blog 🙂 I hope my layers can inspire you to enter into your own joy and purpose!


START: I want to start making the most out of each day. Occasionally, I allow my responsibilities to overwhelm me and attempt to talk myself out of giving my all. I want to appreciate each stage and moment of my life and revel in the baby steps I must take to realize my full potential. If I want to publish a book, then I have to START taking the necessary action to bring this dream to fruition. WRITE, WRITE, WRITE!!!

STOP: The area of my life that just BEGS for boundaries is my thought life. I have come to a place where I can identify when my thoughts are getting away from where they should be. Now is the time where I need to STOP any negative energy in its tracks before it has the opportunity to delay where God is trying to take me.

CONTINUE: I want to continue loving ME! I love that I have finally come to a place where I accept and appreciate what I have to offer to the world. When old habits try to return into the sanctuary of my present, it feels good to say NO – I am a new woman and the needs of my heart comes first. To ensure that I keep myself sane and healthy, I just have to keep reminding myself who I’m doing it for – my daughter! I must be the best me possible, not only for myself, but for her.


Until Next Time



Image Credit: Unknown

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