The B-Side Mastermind: August Goals


And just like that, another month has flown by. Where did the time go?!?!? smh. Let’s start on a positive note! My Avah Michelle is 8 months old ya’ll. I just don’t know where I would be without her. She’s my motivation & my inspiration 😀


Now, for #GoalTalk. So I have to admit, July was not as much of a success as I would have hoped in relation to scratching goals off of my list 😦 I think it was a combination of my much needed vacation and playing catch up at work – but I just didn’t get as much done as I would have hoped. Any who – here goes my progress and new goals for August!


  1. Complete new draft outline for my first book and start the writing process – uuuhhmm, yea… sooo, I did not get any of this done. I know, I know!!! Shame on me 😦 This is first on my list for next month
  2. Write query letter and article to submit to magazine for publishing – I’ll have to second that notion for this goal as well. So I have 2 goals with #1 status for the month of August
  3. Finalize details on Leading Lady Project  by July 14th and have ready to share with Queen in the Shadows Family on August 1st.  – YAY!!! I am happy to say that the #LeadingLadyProject is set to start on Monday, August 4th. I hope you will join me on my journey to self-love and spiritual healing. I am a Leading Lady and so are you!!! 🙂 You can learn more about the #LeadingLadyProject here 
  4. Continue to work on my first event scheduled for September. Have all details finalized July – So this one is partially scratched out because me and my partner did get together and work on some details, but unfortunately, It’s looking like we might have to put this particular project on hold. But I’ll keep you updated


  1. Complete new draft outline for my first book and start the writing process – I think I was beating myself up too much about this book in July. I guess I’m a little overwhelmed and nervous and excited and ambitious and worried and wanting it to be good enough all balled up into one. When it came time to work on the outline, I talked myself out of almost every idea, or would read what I wrote and think it wasn’t good enough. But I can’t do that anymore. I just need to write without letting the pressures get to me. So this month, I’m just going to WRITE for me, without thinking of the pressures of writing a BOOK! Sheesh,  I need to get over myself… LOL!
  1. (2nd goal w. #1 status, remember 🙂 )  Write query letter and article to submit to magazine for publishing – pretty much the same challenges as above. I just need to get out of my head and WRITE!!! Pray for me ya’ll


  1. Finding consistent time to write. So last month, I challenged myself to incorporate 1 hour to writing every night, but I think that was a little overzealous. I did write on my lunch breaks, but at night, by the time I got baby girl to sleep, I just did not have the energy to write most nights. (I think the fatigue was due to low iron. But I’m taking my supplements now and should be GOOD TO GO 😀 ) My new challenge for the month of August –> Purchase a journal and write a minimum of 20 minutes everyday (baby steps)  so that I can establish a routine. And still continue to write whenever I have additional free time.
  2. Trusting my gift – I need to trust my writing and just let it flow! I need to stop comparing & worrying about whether my work is good enough. Yes, I’ll still edit and re-edit until I feel it’s right, but I can’t allow my fears to block the flow. I’ve just gotta’ trust my gift.
  3. Get back to the WHY of it all – Okay! I admit that July I was in bit of a rut! It’s so important that I remind myself Why I’m doing it all & make sure that God is leading me along the way rather than me doing it my way. I was becoming #GoalObsessed without God by my side — & that is a no-go!


  1. The Mastermind Group -I am still grateful for all you ambitious woman. You Ladies Rock!!!!
  2. Lunch Break Writing – Writing on my lunch break just brightens my day. It’s like my own personal stress reliever. I think I’ll keep this one on the books 🙂

You can join The B-side too – Just click the button below. Lets enjoy our last month of the summer & Cheers to Goal Setting & Entrepreneurial Women! Woop Woop! 😀


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