The B-Side Mastermind: July Goals


So, just like that another month has flown by. I am so grateful to have found The B-Side. It’s really helping me to say no to my fears and take action towards accomplishing my goals. Below you’ll find my business goals, successes and challenges.


  1. Commit to publishing at least 2 blog posts a week   I did accomplish this goal and published at least 2 blog posts a week (YAY!) Although it was difficult at times, I’m proud that I was able to follow through. Will continue to work on publishing at least 2 posts a week and delivering fresh content
  2.  Brainstorm at least 3 project ideas I can use on my blog to inspire/encourage/coach other women -I’m happy to say that I did brainstorm some ideas and have committed to one that I plan to share with my Queen in the Shadows family in the near future. Stay tuned for details. Also, with the help and encouragement of a close friend, we are also planning an event for this September with the purpose of encouraging college/young adult women to discover their purpose and passion & taking action towards achieving success. Although nervous, I’m super excited and look forward to seeing it unfold.
  3. Write a new draft outline for my book Although I did work on the concept for my book and took notes describing the content I wanted it to include, I didn’t complete the outline. Hence, why I was unable to strike through this goal. This month, I will do better and work on striking through this goal. Come on Sonia!!
  4. Read a spoken word piece at an open mic. Ahhhh!! – I am proud to say that I did read my spoken word piece at an open mic. The audience wasn’t what I expected, so I almost turned around and went home. But a friend of mines convinced me to stay. I successfully read my piece and the audience loved it and gave me positive feedback. Super proud of myself! Although I was a nervous wreck, sweating n’ all, I will definitely do it again.
  5. Work with professional on branding. Create blog logo – I did contact a professional on branding and was so excited to work with her on transforming my blog, but at the last minute, my finances didn’t allow for me to work with her 😦 However, I did some research  and Rekita of Rekita Nicole Designs  was able to help create a logo for my blog within my budget until I was able to afford the re-branding package. What do you guys think of it? I would love to know which one you like best by commenting below 🙂

cropped-queen-hex-logo-large.png                          cropped-sample-91.png




  1. Complete new draft outline for my first book and start the writing process 
  2. Write query letter and article to submit to magazine for publishing – I would love to establish myself as a freelance writer. This month I will commit to writing an article and submitting to major magazine for publishing. There’s no harm in reaching high and trying, right? 🙂
  3. Finalize details on Leading Lady Project  by July 14th and have ready to share with Queen in the Shadows Family on August 1st. 
  4. Continue to work on my first event scheduled for September. Have all details finalized this month



  1. Finding consistent time to write (blog posts & work on my book) is still a challenge for me. I need to work on creating a concise schedule where I commit to writing. I will try to incorporate at minimum 1 hour to write, after I put baby girl down to sleep and before I lay my head down and catch some Zzzz’s. I will also attempt to block out timeI will also continue to use my lunch breaks and any other free time I have to write



  1. The Mastermind Group – This group is really helping me to remain accountable and work on putting my goals down in front of me. I am grateful for the resources and inspiration the group offers.

You can join The B-side too – Just click the button below. Happy July & Cheers to Goal Setting & Entrepreneurial Women! Woop Woop! 😀


6 thoughts on “The B-Side Mastermind: July Goals

  1. Keep up the great work with your goals! It’s so refreshing to see someone taking control of their dreams. Remind me to take note haha. And I like the second logo more. It makes me feel all mushy and nice on the inside lol.

    Can’t wait to see what you have in store!

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read!!! And I’m sure you took a mental note – There are great things in store for your future 😀 And it appears the 2nd logo is winning the race 🙂 LOL!

  2. Ahhh.. I’m in heaven right now. I stumble across your post and this is what I needed. I’m now also starting the journey to take more control of my life and reach my dreams and goals. I needed this so bad, I will be starting “the b side” today and have completely feel in love with and you. Thank you, love the blog and keep up the good work.

    P.S. I love the first logo. I see it being placed on something; like for a business or maybe a t-shirt.

    • YAY – Thank you so much for the comment & input!! I’m so glad you stumbled across this post too, lol. Like you – I am absolutely IN LOVE with Courtney is AAHHHMAZING and such an inspiration!!! So glad you’ll be a part of the B-Side family. Don’t be a stranger 🙂


  3. Congrats on your successes last month Sonia! You did a lot girl! I struggle with finding consistent time to work on my goals too so I’m write there with you on your current challenge. I’m excited to see your process for you September event as I’m trying to launch an event soon too. But you are on the ball, you made a lot of progress and I have faith this month will be no different. See you in the B-Side! 🙂

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