I Am Not My Hair


Today I am so grateful because I have reached a new level of self-love. Now, to some this may seem trivial and mediocre, minute to say the least. But for me, it is a milestone. I now truly understand that I no longer need to look to man to tell me what I should already know to be true for myself. I AM BEAUTIFUL!!! I actually feel it in my heart, a sense of proud, genuine self-validation; this overwhelming sensation of self-acceptance I have flowing through my body gives me chill-bumps – and it only took me chopping all of my hair off to get here.

When I finally decided that I was going to chop it off, it was a conscious and intentional choice I made to no longer consider what other people thought of the idea. No longer did I care whether one person thought my head was too big, or if another thought my face didn’t have the shape for a short cut or if someone said “but you look so much better with longer hair, why in the world would you cut it?”. I made a choice to focus on what I wanted and how it would make ME feel. Whether you find my hair cut attractive or not is of no relevance to me. I love it, and that’s all that matters!

Now, if the old me wanted to cut a significant amount of my hair off (especially in its natural & kinky state) I would probably look to someone else to validate my choices; to tell me it was OK and that I could definitely pull off the look. But now, I can look in the mirror and speak words of loving kindness to myself – and actually believe them.

I am now my own cheerleader and it feels AMAZEBALLS!!! I no longer need your approval. And your disapproval or unkind words are neither welcome or needed. (But, if you’d like to give a compliment, I’ll kindly accept with gratitude in my heart & a shy grin on my cheeks).

I am so proud to call myself WOMAN and I embrace my right to love me unconditionally. I am beyond elated, blessed to enter a new phase of appreciation for the woman I was created to be; set apart from the rest!

A pleasant, sweet smelling aroma of genuine love now fills the atmosphere, and it is so pleasing to my spirit. So I want to take a moment to say: Thank you, Self! Thank you for learning to love you completely and with your whole heart. I’ve been waiting all my life to meet you!

Now to my beautiful and gorgeous ladies – lets put in a strong effort to love ourselves with our whole hearts. It may take some time, but as you allow yourself to be vulnerable and embrace the transparency, over time, you will learn so much about yourself; you will realize that being different is beautiful. You will begin to see that the thoughts and opinions of others shouldn’t determine the thoughts and opinions you have of yourself.

Slowly, as you learn to accept yourself for who you are and understand that you were created with passionate intent – you will gain a deeper level of love and appreciation for the woman you see in the mirror. And, if you don’t like what you see (whether it relates to your character or your health), change it! I know for me, I had to stop complaining, and start making the necessary changes in my life required to get to a healthy place of self-acceptance. 

But, when you begin to feel the progress, oh what an AMAAAAZING feeling it is!!! I’m so excited for you and your journey to self-love and restoration! 

Until Next Time Loves


P.S. – I’m just loving my twa (Teeny Weeny Afro 😀 )




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