A Painted Masterpiece: With Every Stroke of Love, With Every Brush of Pain

women paintings artistic flowers paint faces painted body black background_wallpaperswa.com_62

Don’t allow fear to distract you from the truth

You are worthy


The clouds of contrary thoughts

racing through your mind,

blocks the rays of light trapped inside of you –

waiting to break free


Afraid to shower the world with all your sweet, candy coated goodness

you hide behind the obscurities of your comfort zone,

nuzzled and content in your blanket of mediocrity.


It’s OK to be vulnerable

To be bold with your craft

Allow your heart to embrace the unique intricacies

that mold the refined artistry

that is your beauty


Speak life. Inhale courage. Exude confidence.


Be grateful for your gift and identify with your treasure. Nurture and cultivate your potential to change lives; to be a beacon of light, of hope, to those who may need to hear your story.

Don’t be so hard on yourself! The time has come that we shall no longer compare our gifts to others whose story is different from our own. Your beauty is exclusive, unique to you – like a mothers scent to her child. Your words ought to uplift and encourage your soul to reach higher, to dive deeper. Deeper into the depths of all that have contributed to the makings of who you are – This is your art! You are painting your life story with every stroke of love, with every brush of pain, a rainbow palate of emotions and experiences colors your masterpiece.

Breathe in the courage it takes to execute and put in the work, even in the midst of the doubters, the haters and the naysayers. Don’t be afraid of failure & be grateful for lessons learned. Radiate confidence, even when you don’t feel confident – your audience won’t know the difference. Know you are valuable and have something to offer the world. For every one who won’t look your way, there are two with eager ears and open hearts waiting to be blessed by you.

No more excuses lovely! Go forth and create your story!

With all my Heart,



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