Novocain the Pain, or Nah?


Overwhelming emotions are simultaneously introduced

Pain, betrayal, fear, shame

You take your pick

But she doesn’t want to wine and dine


To taste the bitterness produced

By resentful anger and its fame

Renown for its antagonistic wrath

Consuming all who allow his entry


No! She’ll rather partake in Joy and Forgiveness

Have peace enter in the same

To create her own path

Where Love, Success & Happiness abound


Choosing to lean into the uneasiness

She will not numb her symptoms this time around


Often times, I know it can be difficult to confront our emotions. So much so that we choose to hide behind them instead, pretending that they don’t exist; hoping them into oblivion. Instead of allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and truly experience our feelings, we choose to numb them instead. Blinded by the ache mounting beneath your left rib cage, you inject your Novocaine of choice into the coronary arteries surrounding your pained heart. 

But numbing doesn’t cause the pain to go away. It may provide a momentary fix, but it won’t fix the underlying problem.  Like mildew growing beneath a newly painted surface, your attempt to cover up the dirt won’t stop the walls from continuing to decay beneath the exterior. It just piles up, as you hide behind your unwillingness to be radically transformed in a positive way.

Drowning under waves of painful “why me’s?” and disorderly disarray, you get caught up in the pity party. Streamers of shame rain on your parade as you eat your way deeper into a sweet tasting misery. As the time passes, you become lost, stranded on an island of lonely bitterness.

When you don’t want to deal with or face the truth of your reality, you find ways to block it all out because in the moment, it feels better than experiencing the core emotion causing the distress. What can I do so that I don’t feel the hurt, the aching sting beneath my chest? So I don’t become acquainted with the confusion, the anger, the resentment, the disappointment, or the unforgiveness. The answer – You can confront your feelings! Be honest with yourself and take steps towards transforming your perspective.

Now trust me, I for one am NOT a confrontational person. I never have been; it’s just not in my nature. But even for the non-confrontational kings and queens, we must muster up the courage to find productive ways to learn from the pain.

I know how you feel because I was once there. I didn’t want to feel anything, and that’s a dangerous place to be in because not only are you attempting to mask the pain, but you’re simultaneously saying no to joy and happiness the same.

Through it all, one of my greatest lessons has been that I have a choice. I choose my attitude. I choose whether I’m going to allow my emotions to control me and my destiny, holding me back from experiencing ALL of my potential. Or I can choose to NOT sit back and waste precious time dwelling on pain or past occurrence’s that cannot be changed. I can choose to live my life in a way that provides me ultimate healing, peace and restoration, no matter my circumstance or situation. I can choose JOY!

It doesn’t happen over night, but one day at a time, as you familiarize yourself with what you’re feeling and invite wisdom and insight into your home with an eager heart, you are able to learn invaluable lessons, vital to your growth and maturity as a human being. You become a better person, stronger than you could have even dreamed possible. You learn things about yourself, what you will and will no longer accept. You begin to take steps toward becoming all that you were created to be. Fulfilling your calling and giving yourself permission to exercise your passion.

Now together, lets say NO to numbing the pain away. You were created for greatness!!! Now Shine!!!


Until Next Time,



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