Leading Lady – Arise


It’s time for me to make my own path. No more “fake it till’ I make it”. I want to be able to inspire other women from my gut! I want others to gently sense my true spirit, like a crisp autumn breeze, Cabernet in right hand (or left – your preference). I want you to taste my genuine self! A Leading Lady, with her own unique story to tell.

As women, we are all connected. Intertwined. The essence of our life giving spirits serve as individual links in a long chain of love and support. No more putting each other down! We are life givers – its in our nature. When we allow it, whatever we exhale our souls into come to life. Our children, our partners, our work, our passion -are all resuscitated by the breath of our love and nurturing abilities.

We must commit to living as our true and genuine selves; No longer existing as the shadow hiding behind the substance. It’s time to step into the light – to enter into your calling. Become the Leading Lady of your life story and do your best to personify the life giving spirit of your character.

As Leading Ladies, it is our responsibility to embody the spirit of our genuine self, from the inside out. In order to do this, we must study ourselves. Get to know YOU! Now, I’m not talking about the you that you try to portray to the world in order to please the masses. I’m talking about the I AM hiding behind your doubts, fears and insecurities – worrying about what the audience that is the world will think of your performance, or if they will even enjoy the story line that is your life. Let the critics judge, but don’t allow them to distract you from giving the performance of a lifetime.

The I AM that God created you to be is unique and special in her own way. You were not created to be a duplicate. Blend in for what? It’s your time to step up,  step out into the spotlight and SHINE!!! (Just so you know I’m talking to myself too :)) Each of us is blessed with a purpose in life, and as women, we have an inimitable calling to produce life out of anything we put our hands to. How AWESOME is that!!!

Whether we plant the seed, water it or harvest the produce, our actions contribute to the ultimate blossom; the fruit.

Don’t be afraid of the still voice resting in your spirit, like the calm waves dancing on the ocean front. If you’re like me, purpose is like a raging forest fire, burning in your bones, waiting to spread wildly, consuming all that it can on the path laid before you. Our time is NOW! Lets challenge ourselves to be used in a mighty way, blessing others along the path of our individual journey’s.

But before we can be truly used, we must first become familiar with the I Am snoring within. It’s time to wake her up from her deep slumber. Wash the crust from your eyes and be real with the reflection you see staring your way. Get to know all of her and learn to embrace who she really is.

Know who you are, really! Only then can you fully live your life with true purpose – having acknowledged and conquered your own challenges as a testimony to help others breath new life into their existence.

Arise, Leading Ladies!

Until Next Time

– S.


*Post inspired by the book “God’s Leading Lady: Out of the Shadows & Into the Light” by T.D.Jakes

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