My New Season: The One After Spring Showers But Before Summer Sunlight

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Rays of natural light caress the skin of her cheeks

As joy dances on the waves of a crisp ocean breeze

Hope now sits comfortably on the horizon

Bright almond eyes embracing new life


The salty air strokes her lungs

As memories of lemonade & yellow-orange leaves

Retell a story of fire & passion

She is his beloved wife


No more will biting of tongues

Maintain a sense of peace

She is no longer shackled to her past

Deep dimples make their way home


Thunderstorms, for the moment cease

Her heart comes first, no longer last


My heart comes first! Finally! I have come to a place where I am compelled to put me first. I am duty-bound, obliged to pick up the pieces of me that have been scattered by trials and joys, disappointments and accomplishments the same.

I desire to be that leading lady who is oozing with confidence. You know, the one who emulates success. The one who wakes up in the morning and is excited to take part in the day that God has blessed her with, eager to bless the world with her gifted goodness!

If this is what I desire, then I must continue to step out of the shadows and into the light. I must continue to push myself beyond the discomfort and anxiety and into the thrill and excitement that the unknown has to offer me.

I am more than some Lay’s Honey Bar-B-Q’s or Salt & Vinegar’s momentarily held in-between your un-manicured fingertips, before being consumed, briefly relished, then digested and forgotten – Like suppressed memories. I am more than a suppressed memory. I am a child of God! A daughter of The Most High, Almighty King! I am worth something. I am special. And it’s about time that my heart comes first. I deserve it. Don’t you think?

My heart and mind are at a crossroads. Its like I’m standing on the edge, waiting to jump out of a plane thousands of feet in the air, with my parachute strapped tightly to the rear of my spine, waiting on stand-by. Do I turn around and tell the pilot to haul ass and get my noodle legs back on solid ground? Or do I leap? Enjoying the thrill of the ride along the way! Diving into the bright possibilities in my future which is waiting for me to grab hold of it! Do I jump, allowing my faith to open an umbrella of opportunities for me? Or do I chicken out and “koo-kooo” my behind into the same familiar hen house, caged and grounded in mediocrity.

I think I’ll jump!!! Forget about my fear of heights. Yes Lord, Take me HIGHER!!!

I know embracing a new bolder side of yourself can be challenging to say the least. Trust me! I know what it feels like to question yourself and whether you are capable of taking the risk. I know what it feels like to question your abilities or talk yourself out of something you want to try because you could never quite muster up the courage to take the leap of faith it requires to make it reality.

Well I’m here to tell you JUMP OUT ON FAITH!!! What’s the worst that could happen? Now I’m not saying to be reckless or irresponsible, but listen to your intuition. Is there a promotion you’ve wanted to apply for but you’re afraid you’re not good enough to get it? Is there something on your heart that you’ve wanted to share with a significant other, but you’re afraid of his/her reaction? Is there a project you’ve been dying to work on or business you want to create, but you don’t know if you have what it takes to make it successful?

Well, I’m here to tell you that you have what it takes!! We all do. We are all called to a specific purpose in life and we are meant to experience joy and greatness on our journeys to purpose. Some of us just need a little reminder & push of encouragement. So I’m here to push you 🙂 

It’s okay if we fall, as long as we don’t stay down, wallowing in shame. We must choose to get back up again, heads held high!!! You are worthy Love. You are worthy of success. You are worth of the calling placed on your life and all of its gems. Now is the time to put YOU first. Your heart NOW comes first!!!  

How else are we going to lead others if we don’t first conquer our own challenges? 

Until Next Time Loves

– S.

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