He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Stock Photo of a Hand Picking daisy Petals

“I Love you”, he says – But does he really? Are there terms of condition attached to this love?

Love is more than just words! It’s more than emotion. It’s more than an adjective used to describe your feelings for me.  It’s more than just the chills of lusting desire you feel aching beneath your shaft.

It’s a verb – an action word. It’s a decision. A conscious choice one makes to honor the connection between two souls. Love is constant. Persistent. Unceasing. Everlasting. Never wavering.

To love me


Is a choice

Choose me

Kiss my flaws with your velvety pillows

Embrace my ups and my downs

Until I can feel your breath exhale on the skin of my neck

Causing the little hairs on my arms to salute you

Wrap the arms of your love around me


Until the veins in your muscles pulsate

To the drum of my heart beating – for you!

Be strong, yet gentle

Love me until my blemishes make you smile

Cherish me with your words and sincere deeds

Love me

Choose me

Trust me with your heart

Know that my love for you will only multiply

Never depreciate

Do trust – I’ll appreciate

You as my king

After God, of course!

And you’ll love me


We may argue and fight


But then we’ll make up

I’ll melt into your arms

And you’ll have a taste of how sweet I can be

Love me


Choose me

To Love…

One’s feelings should not dictate or alter ones commitment to uphold their promise, to love. They elect to love with integrity. Reliable, through the roughest of storms and during the darkest of trials! You don’t run, seeking shelter from the discomfort or bitter feelings of regret. You choose to fight, to love.

Love me! Unconditionally! Choose me!

This may be your hope, that he chooses you. That his heart would choose you! But love cannot be forced – you cannot demand something of another that is not yours to give. Love – it must fall naturally like an apple falling freely according to Newton’s law of gravity.

So then this becomes my prayer (for you and I) – To meet Him – Love in its truest form! The I AM whose spirit chases you like speeding waves crashing into the shoreline. Let it engulf you from the inside out; consuming your soul. Drown in it! And when you come up for air, thrive in your own love.

To Love…

I choose me. I love me. Unconditionally.

He loves me. He loves me not…

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