OKAY, I Confess!!!


I wanna let my kinks down

Wear red lipstick and 4 ” red bottoms to the grocery store if I please

I wanna be a canvas painted with confidence

A work of art that shines

Like a bad a$$ tattoo

Bad in a good way

I wanna party on the occasional weekend

Dance till I glisten

Even go out on a week night

Have drinks wit’ the girls. No limit

I want deep conversations with you

Have you enter my soul with your words

To be romanticized by your attentiveness

No sex

Just make love to my mind

That’ll do just fine

I want a big stage, I wanna perform

Maybe spoken word to the beat of your drum

While my hips dance to the rhythm of your jazz

Oh yes

I wanna be seen

To leave my mark

I wanna be remembered

To evoke emotion and passion

Invoke positive change to the masses

I wanna release the need to be understood by you

Accepted by you

Validated by you

No longer enslaved by your views, opinions or common misconceptions

I wanna be confident in who I AM

100 % authentically me

Oh yes

BOLD Authenticity!

I wanna share my story and have the freedom to do it my own way

I wanna be challenged

Never a quitter

Always a winner

Yes, I confess !

I AM peeling back the layers! Exposed are old insecurities that have indulged and eaten away at my aspirations, and I wonder how I could have lived 27 years without really having lived at all. The atmospheric pressure of doubts clouding my judgment has restricted so many blessings from making its way into my world (especially due to my tendency to quit whenever my will was being challenged).

But it’s not too late for me. I am beautifully unique, with my own story to share and the freedom to share it in my own, extraordinary way!

Daily I am learning more about the woman I AM & I’m loving it!

I Confess – I want the courage and confidence to be 100% authentically me, and not feel the need to apologize for it. I want to be able to explore the different & raw parts of me that make me who I AM, without concern of how I might make you feel when exposed to this “different” side of me. This part of me has always existed, you’re just meeting her for the first time.

It’s official. I am releasing your judgments. I am free.

I Confess  – Today is the day I start listening to me. 100% authentic! 100% free! 100% authentically me!


Readers – I challenge you to listen to the voice inside! The one tugging at your heart strings to be bold and confident. The one who wants her voice to be heard. Whether your shy, timid, extrovert or introvert – if there is a part of you that is just yearning to be explored and released into the unconfined, budding possibilities that this world has to offer, then I challenge you to EXPLORE!!

Challenge yourself, take risks, trip, fall, brush the dirt off, stand up, head held high and try again. There is so much love and positive energy you have to offer the world in a way that only you can offer it! 

Today I signed up to feature my work at an Author’s showcase – BIG DEAL FOR ME!! This is the first time I’ve ever done ANYTHING like this. It’s absolutely nerve wrecking, but exciting at the same time.

It’s time for us to release the potential judgments and opinions of others.  If they are keeping you from being 100% authentically you, then it is just a distraction. God knows your potential and wants you to thrive! So THRIVE!!

Today, commit to doing something new that will challenge your comfort zone. I dare you 🙂 

All My Heart 

– S. 


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