A Beautiful Disruption


A beautiful disruption

Her soul tainted

Like the hues in stained glass windows

Kissed by the sun

She shines

Through passing storms

Cyclonic winds

Thunderous rains

As they attempt to interrupt

Her peace of mind

Yet still she stands

A beautiful disruption

Unexpected tribulations

May dampen her smile

Yet still a roaring fire remains

Within the marrow of her soul

The will to thrive

Confidence to crawl out of her cocoon

And spread her wings

A beautiful disruption

She grew up unaware of her value

Blind to her worth

But divine intervention

Has her eyes now opened

To the absolute beauty she possesses

Complicated as it may be

Uniquely crafted by her trials

Molded by confidence

Once disguised as doubt

Masked pain

Fallacy in her eyes

Her reflection now healed



A Beautiful Disruption


Inspired by work from G.G. Renee Hill of All The Many Layers Blog. She is a great writer and and even greater inspiration!! Click Here to get your copy of her books “The Beautiful Disruption: A Soul Story” or “Wallflower: Essays & Anecdotes for Quiet Women Who Want to be Heard”. 


Content also inspired by a close friend of mine, Lupe Herrera. Please visit her blog Chronicles of a Tainted Soul

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