I Just Burst My Own Bubble


I’m currently existing in a conflicted  Bubble Yum type super bubble of emotions

Silently longing for my life to take a turn in the right direction.

My dreams and aspirations currently sitting still, parked in neutral, high beams on full blast, wit’ a big ol’ stop sign on still mode to my right.

Red light.

Green light.

Mother, may I speed past the stop signs posted in my minds eye, holding me back from realizing my full potential.

You may think they care about what’s going on in your world, but in reality they’re not payin’ you no mind girl. And so what if they were, are they paying your bills? Are they living your life? I think not!!!

(Wo)man up and get some backbone beneath your flesh. The desires creeping beneath the skin of your soul. Craving the spotlight. To grow beyond the despondency.

I’m tired of yielding for fear that my actions wont please you. That they’ll offend you even. I mean no disrespect but you can enjoy the view from the rear.

Forget riding in the passenger seat, just going along for the ride type livin’. People, I’m ready to fly. To soar sky high with the wind attempting to make its way through the tightly coiled curly kinks in my crown.

Take me as I am, free, or not at all!! I no longer care about your opinions or anecdotes concerning my life, even though they’ve really only existed in my mind until now –  as it makes it’s way onto this post.

Am I crazy, you might ask? Of course not, I’m an introvert!

One important lesson that I am still learning is that I can’t live my life based on how it might make other people feel. If it feels right to me, then I need to follow that unction in my gut and just DO!!! I can’t keep living my life based on what other people might think or say about me. 

Sorry to burst your bubble (like I just burst my own), but the reality is people don’t care what you do!! Yes, people will always have their opinions, which they’re entitled to. But we can’t allow the opinions or potential judgments of others to  control our destiny. I’ve realized that most times, insecure people tend to project their fears and doubts onto other’s and into their surroundings. So what they’re thinking or feeling may not necessarily be the reality.

I know as an introvert, I’m prone to being entertained by the inner dialogue that exists in my head, rather than seeking pleasures in the world that exists outside of my little bubble.

But it’s time to kick our fears and doubts in the a** and focus our energy on coming into the Queens we were created to be. It’s okay to be vulnerable. To feel a little uncomfortable, or a lot uncomfortable!! It just means that you’re developing into an improved, more beautiful version of yourself. Accept each phase of your life as an opportunity for growth and maturity!! 

From this day forward, that is what I’ll choose to do. Will you join me? 

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