I Am Courage


As I dive into the depths of my heart, an ocean of emotions, I am learning more and more about the woman I am; the woman I want to be.

Of all the virtues, courage is one that constantly beckons to her soul. She is enticed by ones ability to confront fear; to persevere in the face of ostensible uncertainty. Recognizing the strength it entails to say no to ones fears, and choosing to act anyway. How admirable!

I want to be her. The one who is no longer intimidated by uncertainty. Neither daunted by her  insecurities, nor plagued by the unknown. I am she, the one with great potential buried deep beneath her brown sugar skin.

I Am Courage!

Admittingly afraid, I choose to triumph over my fears and to act. To follow my heart and listen to the one who calls herself, Intuition. To persevere in the face of adversity. I am she, I am courage!

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