Crown me – I’m Royalty


“…Straighten your crown


You are worthy

Don’t listen to the lies

Lurking behind the shadows of your fears

Unbend your neck

Head held high

Its time to step into your light

You are worthy, Beautiful

A Queen

Now straighten your crown”


I hope you enjoyed this excerpt from my poem. Crown yourself ladies!!! Its time that we stop giving into our fears and insecurities and recognize our value. Dont allow others to put your down to the point where you begin to question your royal status. There is royal blood flowing through your veins, pumping life into your very existence. Believe in yourself and pray for the courage to be the bold queen hiding on the inside. The one who desperately wants to be heard, to be seen.  Be that woman. Who cares if they talk or if they stare. As long as you are living out your potential with joy in your heart and a smile on your cheeks, thats all that matters. Straighten your crown ladies 🙂

Until Next Time



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