Your Journey is a Gift, Not a Punishment!


Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact. – William James 

Often times in life, we question the path chosen for us. Faced with crisis, disappointments, frustrations, regret and sometimes even shame; one can only wonder when their set of circumstances will change for the better. You may wonder, “Why me?” or “What did I do to deserve this?” It is during these trying moments that we must remind ourselves that our personal journey is a gift, not a punishment. Take pleasure in the path chosen for you and use it as fuel to drive your God given purpose. Trust your source and have the courage & confidence to learn & grow from the lows so that one day, you can enjoy the highs with grace & humility!!!

How do you work through the tough times? Do you have someone you trust that you can confide in? Maybe a creative outlet to help transform your cares and worries into something positive? Or do you keep it all to yourself, wishing it away?

For a long time, I’ve been the latter. Keeping the pain bottled inside, lid screwed on tight. Not letting anyone in on all the bullsh*t (excuse my French) going on in my life. I always wanted to give off the impression that my life & family was ‘perfect’. Pretending that I had everything held together. Not letting anyone in on the drama for fear that I, my choices or decisions would be judged. If I was experiencing hard times, I wanted to prove (more like portray) that I knew how to handle things with grace. That everything was okay, when in reality, it wasn’t.

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is that living a lie can be so draining. Mentally, spiritually, emotionally and even physically! The negative thoughts, feelings and attitudes begin to take a hefty toll on your entire being. Pent up anxiety continues to build up; crushing you from the inside out, as the weight of the world simultaneously rests on the crests’ of your shoulders. You can’t seem to find a break!

I’m here to tell you that holding on, holding it all in, or allowing it (your current situation) to control you or your destiny is not worth it. Find someone to confide in that you not only trust, but that can offer nuggets of wisdom, compulsory awareness towards the situation. Use your creativity to your advantage. Do you enjoy writing, or painting? Use it as a release. Make sure to carve time out of your day for you, to tend to your needs. Solitude can offer healing if used wisely.

No matter what you may be going through, please remember that it’s never so bad that you can’t find a way out. Just have faith in you and your ability to boldly confront your situation and proclaim positive vibes all over that beast!!! You are strong! You are beautiful! You are courageous! You are a queen! Now walk in that truth and do whatever it takes to restore joy and peace into your life. Love and Blessings!!

2 thoughts on “Your Journey is a Gift, Not a Punishment!

  1. I needed to read this, I had forgotten that the life is a gift, lately I was suffering my days instead of living them. Thanks

    • Fabiola – I’m so glad I was able to remind you that life is indeed a gift. Everything we endure in life is meant to inspire us to be stronger and improved versions of our selves. We just need to believe in our own ability to thrive and live out our purpose. Be Blessed 🙂

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